About Us

Kukup is located in the Johor state, southwest of the Strait of Malacca. It is one of the typical Chinese fishing village which has not lost its originality to the rapid development over the years. Owing to its laid back and peaceful pace, Kukup has become one of the favourite destinations for local and overseas tourists, particularly Singaporeans who seek to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to get close to nature.

Oceanic Sky Resort is located in Kukup to cater for visitors’ need for quality accommodation. The resort is constructed and designed with originality and nature in mind. The exterior as well as interior design reflects the simplicity of a fishing village, using wood textures and greens for a natural ambiance. The resort on water is located on the Strait of Malacca, promising breathtaking scenery and unparalleled serenity. The spacious resort covering approximately 13,000 sq ft is home to a number of air-conditioned VIP rooms, Karaoke, mahjong and ping pong facilities, barbeque pit with dining area and a resting hut from an excellent viewing point. For the comfort and convenience of our guest, televisions are available with Astro channel equipped as well as Wi-fi network.

At Oceanic Sky Resort, you can feast on a seafood barbeque galore and mouth-watering tropical fruits while enjoying the excellent sea view. Other activities include a sightseeing trip to fish farm, a visit to the Pulau Kukup National Park, catch fishes using the fish traps or let off fireworks for celebrations.

Oceanic Sky Resort is the ultimate holiday getaway. Book your trip in today for an amazing experience with us.


海天渔舍冷气度假屋设计概念富有原 始鱼村风味和大自然为主题,屋子建造非常的旷阔超越13,000平方尺,设有多间冷气房间,VIP ROOM, 卡拉OK , 麻将,乒乓桌,ASTRO, WI-FI 网络设备, 这里也可以品尝驰名的小吃甜点,晚间山珍海味的海鲜烧烤,隔天的水上餐厅海鲜大餐或者道地家乡菜,参观奎龙养殖业与游艇环岛观光,自动网捞鱼乐设备任游客捕捉海里鱼虾, 有时还会有意外收获可以捕捉到金目卢,午鱼(马友鱼),红枣鱼等。喜欢钓鱼的朋友可以在屋子后院垂钓可说是轻松又自在的等待鱼获。


当然, 这里最吸引游客就是这里的海鲜, 热带水果,水上餐厅远近驰名,每逢周末或节假日龟咯街道车道都会被巴士,汽车挤得水泄不通大家成群结伴来享用美食还有一些土产可说是热闹非常。